2020 Safety Procedures

This year we’ve made some changes to how both lessons & team are run, to ensure the safety and comfort of all swimmers, caregivers & staff at our programs and facilities. We will do the best to keep you up up to date on our & our facilities’ procedures, and that they are subject to change.

Swim Team : COVID-19 Fall Protocols at CGAC

With the fall session quickly approaching and the weather slowly beginning to get cooler there have been a number of changes to our facilities and we are relying on you to help enforce these protocols with your members:

Controlling club members and parents in the building

- Please show up no more than 10 minutes before your agreed upon rental time

- Unless required, please have parents/caregivers wait outside in vehicles instead of congregating at the front entrance or in the mezzanine.  This is to reduce the number of people in the building.  Please suggest to parents to wait outside in their vehicles in the parking lot (not directly outfront)

Screening Upon Entrance and mask wearing

- In keeping with our summer protocols, all persons entering the Aquatic centre are to be wearing face masks (we have a city bylaw in place) from the front doors to the moment individuals being to swim.

- Anyone on-deck- “Not actively engaged in physical activity” is to be wearing a mask at all times

All persons entering the Aquatic centre will be screened in person by a screener prior to entrance- the screening questions are as follows-

    - Do you have a fever, new or existing cough, or difficulty breathing?

    - Have you travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days?

    - Have you been in close contact with a confirmed or probably Covid-19 case?

    - Have you have close contact with a person with acute respiratory illness who has been outside                                                           Canada in the last 14 days?

- Please note that we do not take the temperature of individuals

Change rooms, showers and personal belongings-

- All swimmers should come ready, in their bathing suits ready to swim to avoid using the change rooms however change rooms are and will be available for use

- 2m social distancing must be observed at all times for all users in the change rooms, coaches will be responsible for ensuring club members adhere to these rules

- Lockers will be available for use by club members to store personal belongings during practice.

- Bathrooms / showers are available for use, swimmers will need to shower prior to entering the water

- At the conclusion of practice, swimmers are to exit from the pool deck and are welcome to shower or use the change rooms to change prior to leaving.  We want to avoid people congregating so please do so quickly.  No personal belongings should be left overnight or for extended periods of time outside of club practice time.

Overall facility guidelines

- 2m social distancing must be observed at all times for all users in the building or on-deck

- To reduce contact, avoid touching any unnecessary handles / grab bars unless needed

- Bathrooms and water fountains are available for use at any time, they are sanitized regularly.

- Shared Equipment (flutterboards, fins and pull buoys) will not be available for use by anyone, if your swimmers have equipment please encourage them to bring their own or supply your own stock that you will clean/sanitize

- At this time, no additional outside club equipment other than what is currently allotted to your club is allowed.

Swim Lessons : Robarts’ Pool

Before You Arrive

- Please stay home if the swimmer or the caregiver has been feeling unwell or showing symptoms of illness.

- Only One (1) caregiver or guardian will be permitted to accompany each swimmer to the lesson

- Please note that Swimmers in Starter Swimmer, Swimmer 1, Swimmer 2 and Toddler & Me will be required to have a caregiver in the water to help with physical holds for safety.

- Swimmers are required to arrive ready to swim, access to the changerooms for changing in & out of swimwear is not permitted at this time.

At the Pool

- Access to the Pool Deck will be one-way via the change rooms.

- We ask that swimmers & caregivers do not arrive too early or linger too long after their scheduled program.

- Access to the changerooms for changing in & out of swimwear is not permitted at this time.

- Bathrooms will be available for use during programs.

- Masks are required for all those on deck who are not participating in the active lesson or workout.

Those on deck and in the facility must maintain physical distancing from others at all times.

All interaction between Staff & Patrons must remain limited and brief.

In the Water

- Swimmers and Instructors are not required to wear masks in the water.

- Swimmers must maintain a distance of 2 meters at all times in the water with the exception of caregivers maintaining holds for safety.

After Your Class or Workout has Ended

- Proceed to the designated Exit to prevent congestion and maintain direction of one-way traffic.

- All equipment will be cleaned and sanitized after each program.

- Swimmers and Caregivers will exit the premises in a quick and timely fashion, do not shower, do not change or use the changerooms