Why Swim With Us?

 1) Low Swimmer to Instructor Ratios

    Quite simply put: for group lessons, our ratios can’t be beat!

In Starter Swimmer there is a 3 swimmer to 1 instructor ratio.

In Swimmer 1, 2 and 3 there is a 4 swimmer to 1 instructor ratio.

In Swimmer 4, 5 and 6 there is a 6 swimmer to 1 instructor ratio.

In Toddler & Me classes there is an 8 to 1 swimmer/caretaker to instructor ratio.

    In addition to the above, there is one out-of-water instructor for every two classes. This lowers the ratios even further and allows for better observation and direction of the class.

    We believe that to learn effectively, swimmers must have intense focus and constant repetition of skills.  This can ONLY happen if the students to instructor ratios are low.  The amount of time that your child is actually swimming and not standing around is substantially longer with Excel than with ANY other program in the city.

 2) Quality of Instructing Staff

    Excel Swim School has a staff of highly qualified and motivated instructors.  Our motto “We Love To Teach” says many things about our Management and Aquatic staff.

    All instructors have completed their Instructors and National Lifeguard Service qualifications. Swim Team coaches are National Coaching Certified Level One. In addition, all staff are required to volunteer and team-teach in order to get a better feel of the program and understand the needs of our clients. 

    All programs have a Deck Supervisor who is always there to support the instructors in whatever means necessary. The last corner of our teaching triangle is our Program Managers who help with assessment, quality control and administration. 

 3) What our clients think of our programs.

 “It has been the most positive experience for my children.  They loved it so much that we got our neighbours involved and our kids are now taking lessons together.”

            - Mrs. Foote

“The staff has always been helpful and able to meet our special needs”

            - Mrs. Gibbons       

“We love the instructors here.  They are knowledgeable and love those kids”

            - Mr. & Mrs. Westgate

“We carpool together with friends and Excel has always been able to fit all our 11 kids in at the same time on the same day… that is no easy task!”

            - Mrs. Weir, Mrs. MacDonald, Mrs. Jones

“My two younger boys have gone through the lesson program and are now in the Excel swim team program.  With our older girls entering in the London Aquatic Club, we see a seamless continuation of instruction and coaching.  We know our boys will follow in their footsteps”

            - Mrs. M. Heisz